Cool Hairstyles For Girls – Top 3 Trendy Celebrity Hairstyles For Women


Cool hairstyles for girls include emo hairdos and celebrity cuts. Emo hairdos are becoming popular every day. Most girls like to experiment with various new designs and hair accessories. The world of hair fashion is evolving. Lot of new trends for hair designing are arising day by day. As you should not get carried away with this, it is always advisable to understand your face shape before taking up any hairdo. You can easily consult a hairstylist for getting the right style, accessories and color for your tresses.

Top 3 Trendy Celebrity Hairstyles For Women

Half-Shaved Haircut : It is one of the most fashionable hairdo and celebrities like Rihanna and Helly Berry are endorsing this style with flamboyance. You can mold this hairdo in various forms. ” Shark Fin” is touted to be the most popular half shaved hairdo. You can also keep ponytail and pigtail with this hairdo for appearing edgy and hip.

Emo Haircuts: As I have mentioned above, this style is becoming extremely popular. This hairstyle is basically inspired by emo music. The fashion of flaunting an emo hairstyle dates back to the era of Goth. It’s an arty hairdo for sensible girls.

Bob Haircut: Unlike half-shaved and emo hairdo, bobs are truly conventional. They exude sophistication. It’s touted to be the cutest but conservative hairstyle that is apt for any occasion. This hairdo accentuates your features with grace.

One should know his or her face shape before taking up any hairdo. You should search for a hair makeover device online for realizing the most flattering hairstyles for your face.

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